Roller Shutter Repair

Roller Shutter repair carried out throughout East Anglia.We carry out work in Ipswich, Colchester Cambridge, Norwich, Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury, Gt Yarmouth, Felixstowe, Lowerstoft, Cromer, Kings Lynn, Thetford, Chelmsford and many more towns in East Anglia. Please give us a call today on 01394 775801 and we can give you a free quote for any repairs on your Roller Shutter door.


New roller shutter Repair Ipswich

Roller Shutter Motors

Roller Shutter Repair ColchesterWe can supply and fit a wide range of Roller shutter motors. From Industrial motors which have a direct or indirect drive to tube motors.


Roller Shutter Lath

roller shutter repair felixstoweWe have a wide range of lath that can be made to suit your needs. We offer traditional single skin lath ranging from 22SWG to 18SWG as well as solid and perforated options. MPS Doors can offer single skin lath in 50mm and 75mm options We have a range of stock for Insulated Steel and Aluminium lath in various finish options. Our insulated lath comes in 77mm, 95mm and 100mm options. In addtion to all that, we offer double skin aluminium and insulated lath in less traditional sizes, such as 50mm, 89mm, 75mm. All can be powder coated in various colours.

Roller Shutter Bottom Rails

We can supply and fit T-Rail and L-Rail on site, this gives us flexibility and does not restrict us to the standard 6m or 8m length.We can also produce Heavy duty T-Rails for the bespoke application with double angle heavy duty and slanted being common. We can also fit a heavy duty seal where pests or weather is an issue.


Roller Shutter Canopies ad Fascias

We can supply canopies made from 1mm galvanised coil, We have the facility to provide canopies in one piece up to 6m wide without joints. Doors wider than this are produced with either a telescopic joint or a joint reinforcing strip. We have our standard canopies but also have the option to make more bespoke covers should the need arise.