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Steel Doors Repair,
Service and Installation

Steel doors provide important security for many businesses, they provide access for staff while ensuring security is not compromised. MPS doors only fit from trusted suppliers to ensure our customers’ security is not compromised. We will provide a free survey to accurately provide you with an estimate, which we will not be beaten on. Located in Ipswich we are ideally situated to fit steel doors all over East Anglia. We carry out work in Norwich, Colchester, Felixstowe, Ipswich and right across the region.

We fit high-quality British made bespoke steel doors. We work in partnership with Strongdor Ltd. They provide us with high-quality steel doors for our clients.

We fit the following types of steel door sets. Their full range can be found here https://www.strongdor.com

Steel Security Doors

Branded under the Steeldor brand from Strongdor. Easy to install, and manufactured from corrosion resistant high-tensile steel, each door-set comes complete with powder coating.

Steeldor can be configured for use as both personnel doors and emergency exits. The single, double and leaf and a half door-sets can also be supplied with bespoke side and over panels.

Better steel, built to last

Pre-tensioned Rustec anti-rust steel is optional on the Steeldor the range.

With unparalleled strength and incredible resistance to corrosion, it adds years to the life span of the door-set.

RAL and BS colours including metallics and pearlescent at extra cost.

Our C5I marine-grade provides unmatched corrosion resistance for highly corrosive and saline environments.

Why Strongdor?

EN1026:2000 to class 4 – 600Pa (113kmh) test pressure

BS 6375: Part 1: 2009 (test to EN1026:2000, EN1027:2000, EN12211:2000) to 1200 exposure rating

EN1027:2000 to 150Pa for outward opening and 100Pa for inward

EN12211:2000 to 1200Pa (Class A3) 98 mph

Fire Exit Doors

Manufactured under the Steeldor brand. They have the same specification as above but are fitted with a wide range of panic hardware. From leading brands such as Dorma and Briton. They can come in a wide range, as shown below.


Climador has an exceptionally low U-value of up to 1.4U and has been added to the Strongdor range to address the growing demand for thermally proficient, insulated steel doors.

Made from galvanised sheet steel, Climador comes in double or single leaf configurations and is ideally suited to internal or external applications for commercial, industrial, public or residential projects.

Climador – performance, specification and sizes
  • Leaf depth: External 64mm Fire-rated 64mm
  • Air Penetration: External Class 1 Fire-rated N/A
  • Water Resistance: External 4B Fire-rated N/A
  • Wind Resistance: External Class C1 – C3 Fire-rated N/A
  • Thermal Performance: External 1.7 – 1.4U (W/m2K) Fire-rated 1.8 – 1.4U (W/m2K)

Common hardware configurations for personnel doors and emergency exits:

The RAL colours available are shown below: